A/S for Kiosks are free of charge depending on the product (1 year), and additional costs (A/S for parts, personnel) may occur for A/S after the rental period or due to consumers' negligence.

Please apply to the POS (terminal) company you use at the store.

If you do not know the POS (terminal) company, please contact 070-7730-1468~9, and we will confirm."

1. In case of malfunction due to paper jam

> Reload the paper

2. When the receipt text is blurred or printed in a blank state

> Check for paper residues and alien substances, and wipe the roller and receipt slot with a dry cloth!

3. If the receipt is repeatedly printed with strange symbols or blank paper

> Reinstall it according to the paper orientation.

> Printer power ON/OFF"

> Check if only a particular card or all cards fail to be recognized (Some cards may have a defective IC chip.)

> Check if the IC chip is correctly oriented and inserted.

> Insert the card into the IC slot and quickly recognize it several times.

> Kindly reboot the kiosk

How to clean card reader machines

> After squeezing the wet tissue, wrap the card with the tissue, insert it into the card reader several times, and remove it repeatedly to wipe off alien substances.

> Even if the same problems occur after proceedings as above, don't hesitate to contact the representative number  (070-7730-1468~9), and we will help."

Please check the message displayed on the kiosk screen.

1. Unregistered franchisees: Please get in touch with the representative number (070-7730-1468~9), and we will check.

2. Cancellation / Unusable (restricted) Merchant: Contact the representative number (070-7730-1468~9), and we will confirm.

3. Self-Sales: Please check if the card you paid for is in the representative's name (Cards in the representative's name cannot be used at the own store.)

4. Rejected by the credit card company: Please contact the credit card company directly and check

Credit card company contact


You can search after inserting the store ID and PW after accessing the management back office web (WEB) site noticed when installing the kiosk.

Menu image: 450x356, extension: png, capacity: 700MB or less.

Please write down your business name and contact information to the email below, including menus to be modified, and our officer in charge will check and apply the request and then get back to you.

> Email address: support@lincrux.com

Business registration number: 391-88-01937

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